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Cost of a New Asphalt Parking Lot

Parking Lot Design & Construction Cost
15 Items to Consider Before Hiring a Contractor

Building a new parking lot is a huge project! There is no easy way to estimate the cost of your unique project. However, we want to give you the resources you need to hire the right contractor for the job. We want to make sure you’ve got all your bases covered. This checklist is designed to give you a better understanding of the factors that may impact the cost of your project.

1. Permitting

Your parking lot must be constructed in compliance with all local, state, and national codes. Before construction can be begin, you must secure all of the necessary permits and approvals. A well-designed parking lot makes a great first impression and keeps your customers safe.

2. Parking Lot Use

Parking lots are needed for shopping centers, hotels, schools, hospitals, restaurants, apartment buildings, and many other businesses. Each type of business will require a different type of parking lot. The design, layout, and size should be tailored to that specific building or business. A bank may need a drive-thru and a school may need additional speed bumps.

3. Layout and Design

The design of your parking lot helps to ensure the safety of all pedestrians and drivers, and it typically requires careful planning. You will work with your parking lot contractor to come up with the right layout for your project. Although you want to maximize the number of parking stalls available, you also need to ensure that the lot is safe and functional for all vehicles (including delivery trucks and emergency vehicles). While 90-degree angle parking lots tend to be the most common, angled spaces may increase the total capacity of the lot.

4. Excavation and Site Preparation

Has the site already been cleared? Land clearing and tree removal will increase the cost of your project. Additionally, before construction begins, you may need to have the site’s soil tested. You’ll want to make sure that the ground can support the weight of the pavement and the vehicles on top of it. Poor soil conditions and drainage issues will increase the cost of site preparation. However, failure to correct these issues can lead to thousands and thousands of dollars in repair costs when the pavement ultimately fails.

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5. Job Site Accessibility

Working with a local parking lot company is typically your best option. If your lot is located in a remote location, you should expect to pay for the additional travel time. Additionally, can all of the necessary equipment reach the site without complications? If not, costs may rise.

6. Paving Materials

As the size of your parking lot increases, so will the cost of materials. While asphalt is the most popular material choice, gravel and concrete are also viable options. Gravel works great for temporary parking lots (and the price point is relatively low). Concrete parking lots are more expensive than asphalt, but they typically require less maintenance long-term. No matter what you choose, ensure that the cost of all materials is included in your estimate, including the aggregate base and any sealers.

7. Local Labor Rates

There are many factors that will impact the cost of labor, including the size of the parking lot, the number of crew members needed, the availability of machinery and equipment, and the amount of handiwork required. In most cases, the most important factor will be your geographic location. Labor rates tend to be much higher in large cities than they are in rural areas. Take a lot at our Parking Lot Cost Report to find estimated prices in your local area.

8. Curbing and Landscaping

The installation of all curbs and gutters should be included in the estimate. When pouring concrete curbing, you may also choose to install parking bumpers. However, these items will require additional time and materials. Curvy designs, in particular, may be a little more challenging. Landscaping these islands will also be an additional expense. It’s important that any trees or shrubs do not impede driver visibility.

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9. Accessibility and ADA Compliance

The Americans with Disabilities Act sets specific standards about the accessibility of all public spaces. A percentage of the parking stalls in your lot will need to be handicap accessible. You will also need to make certain to build the appropriate disability ramps to ensure building access.

10. Striping, Painting, and Marking

The cost of parking lot striping should be included in your estimate. While some contractors quote the price per line, others may provide an estimate based on the total linear footage of marking. In addition to painting each spot, you will also need to stencil fire lanes, accessible spaces, loading zones, directional arrows, crosswalks, and other important markings. The contractor may also number the spaces or stencil logos for an additional cost.

11. Sign Installation

Traffic signs (stop signs, yield signs, etc.) are important for controlling the flow of traffic. You may also need signage to indicate the speed limit or to show that certain spots are reserved for expectant mothers and families with children. All of the necessary signage (including posts and hardware) should be included in the contractor’s quote.

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12. Safety and Security

The security of your parking lot should be a priority. Barrier gate and surveillance camera installation may help improve the safety of your lot. Also, you should also make certain that all emergency vehicles safely access the parking lot and that all fire hydrants easily accessible.

13. Lighting Installation

Local codes typically specify the amount and type of lighting required in residential and commercial parking lots. Large light poles can be expensive, but they are an important investment to ensure your parking lot is compliant and safe for all user.

14. Parking Lot Features and Accessories

Don’t forget the details! Are there designated areas to store shopping carts? Are there trashcans strategically placed throughout the lot? Are there benches and picnic tables for customers to use? Are there any parking lot features need that are specific to your business?

15. Parking Lot Maintenance Services

You’ll need to find someone to clean your parking lot on a regular basis. Check out our Parking lot sweeping cost report here for information on the price in your area. If the land near your parking lot is fairly green, you may need a little extra help with leaf removal during the fall. During the winter, you may need to find a commercial snow removal service. Make sure to find a company as far in advance as possible!

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